Question: How Do You Use Notch In A Sentence?

What does it mean to notch something?

transitive verb.

1 : to cut or make a notch in.

2a : to mark or record by a notch.

b : score, achieve —sometimes used with up..

What does it mean to be top notch?

If you describe someone or something as top-notch, you mean that they are of a very high standard or quality. [informal]

What is a notch in a mountain?

A notch is a small cut or nick in something. A notch is also part of a mountain range that is lower than the peaks around it — also called a mountain pass. …

Is notch display good or bad?

Like a taller aspect ratio, a notch helps you fit more screen in the same footprint while leaving room for the camera and sensors. You might not be using that chunk of screen very often anyway. The middle section of the status bar is usually empty (unless you’re the type to let notifications pile up for hours).

What is the purpose of the notch?

The smartphone “notch,” of course, is a little cut-out that allows for a selfie camera to exist within an edge-to-edge phone display. Phone makers have found workarounds for physical buttons through the use of gestures, but people still really need the selfie camera, as much as they want an all-screen phone.

What does take it down a notch mean?

Deflate or humble someone, as in He’s so arrogant that I wish someone would take him down a notch, or That defeat took them down a peg. Both notch and peg in this idiom allude to a series, the former of indentations, the latter of knobs, used to raise or lower something.

How do you use equip in a sentence?

Equip sentence examplesI shall not be able to equip him. … Night and day he laboured to levy armies and equip fleets. … In order that international arbitration may do its perfect work, it is not enough to set up a standing tribunal, whether at the Hague or elsewhere, and to equip it with elaborate rules of procedure.More items…

What is a notch in anatomy?

Notch – A depression in a bone which often, but not always, provides stabilization to an adjacent articulating bone. The articulating bone will slide into and out of the notch, guiding the range of motion of the joint.

Why is it important to know the names of bones their locations and their surface features?

it is important to know the names of bones, their locations, and their surface features because the body has about 206 bones, all of them with different locations and functions. Knowing this also helps to diagnose diseases of the skeletal muscles. … Knowing their location also tells about the bones positions in the body.

What does notch mean on a phone?

cut-outA notch is essentially a cut-out, at the top, of a part of the screen display. Its advantage: It offers the ability to retain the display space on either side of it, for information such as date, battery statistics and more, and for apps.

What are notches sexually?

notch on one’s bedpost (plural notches on one’s bedpost) (idiomatic, slang, offensive) A sexual conquest; a casual sexual partner.

What does take it down mean?

noun An attempt to ruin, sabotage, or destroy someone or something or their chances for success. As a noun, the phrase is usually hyphenated. The ad campaign was intended to be a take-down of the tobacco industry.

What was the first phone to have a notch?

iPhone XApple’s iPhone X was the first mainstream phone to grab attention for its notch – and often not in a complimentary way. (Apple wasn’t the first to introduce the notch; that distinction goes to Essential, the smartphone start-up founded by former Android head Andy Rubin.)

What is clavicular notch?

The clavicular notch is an oval articular surface, directed upward, backward, and lateralward, for articulation with the sternal end of the clavicle.