Question: What Does Engrossed Mean?

How do you use engross in a sentence?

Use “engross” in a sentence | “engross” sentence examplesShe was so engrossed by/in the book that she forgot the cakes in the oven.Engrossed in his book he forgot the time.He seemed completely engrossed in his book.The scene was stunning, and for a time engrossed all our attention.Dad was engrossed in the items…•.

What’s another word for engrossed?

In this page you can discover 43 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for engrossed, like: unoccupied, captive, uninterested, enrapt, into, bored, lost in, rapt, inattentive, ignoring and disinterested.

What does exasperation mean?

an act or instance of exasperating; provocation. the state of being exasperated; irritation; extreme annoyance: Her exasperation at being interrupted was understandable.

How do you use unify in a sentence?

Unify in a Sentence 🔉Giving a speech about how important it is for all races to work together, MLK was able to unify the groups. … The company’s CEO called a multi-department meeting to talk about ways to unify each section and work together. … A war was fought to unify the north and south into one nation again.More items…

What does influx mean in biology?

Influx may refer to: Flux (biology) of ions, molecules or other substances from the extracellular space to the intracellular space.

What does it mean to be engrossed?

When you’re engrossed in something, you’re so consumed by it that you don’t notice anything else, like when you’re engrossed in a conversation with that cute girl from your math class. Use the adjective engrossed to describe someone who is completely absorbed in something, whether it’s a task, a person, or an object.

Related Content. The final form of an agreement, usually printed onto thick paper and bound, incorporating schedules and ready for execution.

What does it mean to engross a document?

transitive verb. 1a : to copy or write in a large hand. b : to prepare the usually final handwritten or printed text of (an official document)

What is the nearest in meaning of engrossed?

(Entry 1 of 2) having the mind fixed on something. I was too engrossed in the book to notice the time.

How do you use ethereal in a sentence?

Her hair fell softly around her face and she had an ethereal glow about her. It was the most ethereal flight I had ever witnessed. She wouldn’t be buried in the ethereal silks of the wealthy or have her hair inlaid with flowers and perfumes.

What does influx mean?

the arrival of a large number of people: the arrival of a large number of people. : the arrival or inward flow of a large amount of something (such as money) See the full definition for influx in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What does it mean for a bill to be reported?

Reporting a clean bill means that a new bill is introduced, the text of. which incorporates amendments that were adopted in markup. This new bill is reintroduced in the House, assigned a new number, and referred back to the committee, which immediately and automatically reports it back to the House.

What is a babushka?

1a : a usually triangularly folded kerchief for the head. b : a head covering (such as a scarf) resembling a babushka. 2a : grandmother Until my own babushka’s generation very specific clothes were assigned to specific classes, specific hairstyles distinguishing married from unmarried women.—

What causes exasperation?

The most common cause of an exacerbation is infection in the lungs or airways (breathing tubes). This infection is often from a virus, but it may also be caused by bacteria or less common types of organisms.

What does stream mean?

Streaming refers to any media content – live or recorded – delivered to computers and mobile devices via the internet and played back in real time. Podcasts, webcasts, movies, TV shows and music videos are common forms of streaming content.

What happens after a bill is engrossed?

If a bill passes its second reading, which usually occurs with a voice vote, it is engrossed and proceeds to third reading. … The next day it is placed on the Calendar for its third and final reading. At this point, the House determines whether the bill will pass and be sent to the Senate for its consideration.

How do you use figure out in a sentence?

Example SentencesIt doesn’t matter how long it takes. … He was able to figure out who the killer was pretty quickly. … She is going to figure out that you lied to her.Were you able to figure out the new IT system at work?I am having trouble figuring him out. … She is a difficult person to figure out.More items…

Where does a bill usually die?

The Bill Is Sent To The Second Legislative Chamber. The process repeats in the other chamber. Once the bill has advanced through the house of origin, it is sent to the second house, where the process repeats. The second chamber may fail to act on the bill, in which case the bill “dies.

What is the difference between an enrolled and engrossed bill?

An engrossed bill is a bill which has been amended. A bill may be engrossed many times. An enrolled bill, which may or may not have been engrossed, is a bill that has passed both houses of the legislature in identical form and has been converted into an act for presentation to the Governor or Secretary of State.

Is exasperation an emotion?

Exasperation is an interesting English word. It describes a state or feeling that results from just this sort of repeated interaction with significant others. It is a mix of several emotions experienced simultaneously, bleeding into each other. … There is also disillusionment or even cynicism involved in exasperation.