Quick Answer: Can You Talk To A Priest About Anything?

Can a priest forgive sins?

Pope Francis gives all priests permission to forgive the ‘grave sin’ of abortion.

Any Catholic priest can grant forgiveness to a woman who has had an abortion, Pope Francis announced Sunday.

A year ago, Francis said that priests could forgive the sin of having an abortion during a special Year of Mercy..

What is it called when you talk to a priest?

When a Catholic confesses their sins to a priest it’s called ‘confession. … When a Catholic confesses their sins to a priest it’s called ‘confession.

Why do I need a priest to confess?

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a great gift of God’s compassion and mercy, who alone can forgive sins. Jesus entrusted the power to forgive sins to the Church. That’s what we do when we go to confession. …

Do priests offer counseling?

Pastoral Counseling. Pastoral counseling is a branch of counseling in which ordained ministers, rabbis, priests and others provide therapy services.

Can you tell a priest you killed someone?

Under Roman Catholic law, it is forbidden for a priest to disclose information — under any circumstances — obtained in the form of religious confession. … If a priest breaks what’s called “the sacred seal of confession,” he will be subject to excommunication from the church.

Can a priest kill in self defense?

Priests are allowed to own anything any one else is allowed to own. Believe it or not, they actually have to live by the same laws you and I do. That means if they commit a crime they can’t hide behind their collar and the Church should not protect them.

Is talking to a priest confidential?

The clergy–penitent privilege, clergy privilege, confessional privilege, priest–penitent privilege, clergyman–communicant privilege, or ecclesiastical privilege is a rule of evidence that forbids judicial inquiry into certain communications (spoken or otherwise) between clergy and members of their congregation.

Can I walk into a church and talk to a priest?

You’re free to talk to the priest, but he cannot absolve you since part of absolution is restoring your communion with the Church.

Does God forgive sins without confession?

God absolutely forgives your sins, even if you don’t confess them to a priest. A priest is not God and, Biblically speaking, it isn’t their job anymore to be an in-between for us and God.

How do you talk to a priest?

Send an email and ask for an appointment. Some priests keep their own calendars, and others have the parish secretary do it, so they’ll just let you know how the parish does it, and you can proceed accordingly.

How do you approach a priest?

To introduce a priest in person, start by referring to them as “The Reverand Father” then state their name and the church that they’re from. When you’re addressing him directly, refer to him as “Father” and then say his last name. You could also simply call him, “Father.”

Can you just walk into a church UK?

Yes, they are, certainly in principle and very often in practice too. Churches, it could be argued, are part of our common heritage and belong to everyone. You don’t have to be a Christian, or a theist, to visit them; everyone is allowed in, and (at least in theory) everyone is welcome.

Can a priest ever tell confessions to the police?

The short answer is “no”. Under penalty of excommunication, a priest can not contact the police to disclose the identity of a penitent who had confessed a crime to him sacramentally.

What sins can a priest not forgive?

If you lie in confession, and are given absolution, you are not actually absolved. The priest will not absolve you if he feels that you are not truly sorry / repentant. He also cannot forgive blasphemy against the Holy Spirit i.e. when a person with full knowledge and intention calls God the devil.

Can you ask a priest for advice?

You can. He might even give advice without being asked. The general rule is don’t turn your confession into a counselling session. Try to remain focussed on naming and numbering your sins to the best of your ability.

Do Catholic priests offer counseling?

Yes of course, although the “confidential counseling” is usually in the confessional, but any Catholic may call his priest and request an appointment to talk over any matter that he is having problems with, and that conversation is protected under law.

Can priests have friends?

there is nothing wrong with a priest and a women being friends. But it is completely wrong for a priest and any person other then his peers to have a intimate relationship. … The Church sees intimate friendship between a priest and women as bad. but a casual non intimate friendship between a priest and a women is fine.

Can you go into a church anytime?

Depends on the church. A lot of churches these days are locked during the day just because of the times we live in, but you can possibly get the priest to open it up for you if they aren’t busy. … Some churches do keep the doors open all the time, though.