Quick Answer: How Do You Use Inscribe In A Sentence?

How do you use message in a sentence?

Message sentence examplesShe typed a message to him.

If you’ll think back, my message was that spending a few nights together wasn’t a good reason to get married.

Surely Connie had relayed the message to him.

You must have given my message wrong.More items….

How do you use phrase in a sentence?

Saying sentence examplesVera was saying with an arch smile. … What was that saying you were always reciting to me? … He has his own way of thinking, saying and doing everything. … When told of the instance in which Jesus raised the dead, she was much perplexed, saying, “I did not know life could come back into the dead body!”More items…

What you mean by inscription?

something inscribed. a historical, religious, or other record cut, impressed, painted, or written on stone, brick, metal, or other hard surface. a brief, usually informal dedication, as of a book or a work of art. a note, as a dedication, that is written and signed by hand in a book. the act of inscribing.

What is called inscription?

Inscription is a fancy word for “writing” — the act of writing or a small bit of writing. You weren’t excited when you received the card, but the inscription inside made you weep with emotion. You can see the word script in inscription which can help you remember its meaning. …

What is the example of message?

The definition of a message is a short communication sent from one person to another or the central theme or idea of a communication. An example of a message is what you leave for someone on an answering machine when you have tried to call him and he wasn’t there.

What is the meaning of message?

A message is a communication or statement conveyed from one person or group to another. Generally transmitted verbally or in writing, a message can also be sent via a look or a gesture. … In today’s world, people tend to use email to send a short message.

What is a saying or expression?

A saying is any concisely written or spoken expression that is especially memorable because of its meaning or style. Sayings are categorized as follows: Aphorism: a general, observational truth; “a pithy expression of wisdom or truth”.

What is inscription very short answer?

An inscription is writing carved into something made of stone or metal, for example a gravestone or medal. … An inscription is something written by hand in the front of a book or on a photograph. The inscription reads: ‘To Emma, with love from Harry’.

What is a sentence for inscribe?

Examples of inscribe in a Sentence They inscribed the monument with the soldiers’ names. The book was inscribed with the author’s signature.

What is another word for inscribe?

In this page you can discover 52 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for inscribe, like: record, print, etch, list, engrave, impress, write, brand, carve, chisel and dedicate.

What is a saying called?

A saying (also called a proverb, maxim, or adage) is a piece of wisdom from one’s culture. Our earlier example (a bird in the hand) is a piece of advice for people trying to choose between two options.

What is the use of message?

Message passing is a form of communication used in concurrent and parallel computing, object-oriented programming, and channel communicate , where communication is made by sending messages to recipients.

What is inscription give example?

A message someone writes on the front page of a book they have given to you is an example of an inscription. A marking or wording on a coin is an example of an inscription. The act of writing a message on the front page of a book you are giving as a gift is an example of inscription.

What is phrase and give example?

phrase is a group of words that work together to make meaning, but it is not a complete sentence. In other words, it does not have both a subject and a verb. … Example of phrases put together in a sentence: The brown hat was blowing away in the wind.