Quick Answer: What Are Some Questions To Ask A Disabled Person?

What are the 3 most common physical disabilities?

Key facts on physical disabilityCerebral palsy.Spinal cord injury.Amputation.Multiple sclerosis.Spina bifida.Musculoskeletal injuries (eg back injury)Arthritis.Muscular dystrophy..

What is a disability?

A disability is any condition of the body or mind (impairment) that makes it more difficult for the person with the condition to do certain activities (activity limitation) and interact with the world around them (participation restrictions).

How can disability affect your health?

Studies have shown that individuals with disabilities are more likely than people without disabilities to report: Poorer overall health. Less access to adequate health care. Smoking and physical inactivity.

Can an employer ask if you are disabled?

Employers do, however, have to take reasonable steps to find out if you are disabled – e.g. asking you on an application form, asking if you need adjustments etc. If you require ramped access into the building where you are having your interview, you should let the employer know this.

Is anxiety considered a disability?

Generalized anxiety disorder and other forms of severe anxiety are often long-term, can be diagnosed by a doctor, and can limit someone from engaging in substantial gainful activity. As long as your condition meets those requirements, it will considered a disability according to Social Security law.

What activities can a disabled person do?

Physical activities and exercise can help adults with disabilities achieve their mental and physical potential. Bowling, exercise classes, gardening, team sports, dancing, and swimming are all activities that can be used to promote good holistic health while having fun.

Can you ask if someone is disabled?

Sometimes. If you are interviewing them for a job, for credit, or for housing it is illegal to ask about disability. All you need to know is that they have one (if relevant, such as asking for reasonable accommodations) and their doctor has sent a letter confirming they have a disability.

How do you interview a disabled person?

General Tips for Interviewing People with Disabilities:Conduct interview in a manner that emphasizes abilities, achievements and individual qualities.Conduct your interview as you would with anyone. … If it appears that a person’s disability inhibits performance of a job, focus on HOW the person can.perform the job.

Can you ask a disabled person what their disability is?

You cannot ask general questions about the applicant’s health or disability, such as how they acquired the disability. Basically, ask the same questions that you would of a person without disability.

What makes a good disability support worker?

What qualities we look for in a Disability Support Worker. You’ll need excellent communication and listening skills. We highly value interpersonal, written and verbal skills, which help to develop good working relationships with residents, families and medical providers. Patience and understanding are paramount.

What qualities are important when working with a disabled person?

5 Qualities You Should Have When Working with Special Needs ChildrenPatience.Strong personality.Sense of humour.Helpful and solvent.Mentally strong.

Why are you interested in working as a support worker?

Being a Support Worker means making a positive difference in someone’s life. Making a real change to the lives of the people you provide support for and their community of friends, family and carers. Becoming a Support Worker will also make a difference to your life, by leading a fuller, more compassionate life.

What is the correct terminology for a disabled person?

Use the term “disability,” and take the following terms out of your vocabulary when talking about or talking to people with disabilities. Don’t use the terms “handicapped,” “differently-abled,” “cripple,” “crippled,” “victim,” “retarded,” “stricken,” “poor,” “unfortunate,” or “special needs.”

What are the characteristics of a disabled person?

results in substantial functional limitations in three or more of the following areas of major life activity:self-care.receptive and expressive language.learning.mobility.self-direction.capacity for independent living.economic self-sufficiency.

What are the skills of a support worker?

10 qualities and skills of a care worker or support worker in…1 – Patience. … 2 – A cheery demeanour. … 3 – The ability to multi-task. … 4 – Being able to think quickly. … 5 – Punctuality. … 6 – Willingness to learn. … 7 – Being a good listener. … 8 – Kindness and empathy.More items…•