Quick Answer: What Is The Synonym Of Slow?

What is another word for slow?

What is another word for slow?unhurriedleisurelydelayingdreamydrowsyimperceptibleindolentinertpassivephlegmatic91 more rows.

What is the antonyms of slow?

Antonyms for (verb) slow Main entry: retard, slow, slow down, slow up, decelerate. Definition: lose velocity; move more slowly. Usage: The car decelerated. Antonyms: speed, speed up, accelerate, quicken.

What is a word for moving slowly?

Similar words for move slowly: dilly-dally (verb) mosey (verb) other synonyms. mosey.

How would you describe time slow?

The verb ‘crawl’ is often used to describe the way time seems to move slowly when you’re waiting for something.

Does Pokey mean slow?

Adj. 1. pokey – wasting time. dilatory, laggard, poky. slow – not moving quickly; taking a comparatively long time; “a slow walker”; “the slow lane of traffic”; “her steps were slow”; “he was slow in reacting to the news”; “slow but steady growth”

What is a word for a lazy person?

The words indolent and slothful are common synonyms of lazy.

What does poking mean sexually?

(tr) slang (of a man) to have sexual intercourse with. poke fun at to mock or ridicule.

What are three synonyms for slow?

Synonyms foreasy.gradual.heavy.lackadaisical.leisurely.passive.quiet.stagnant.

What do we call a slow person?

laggard. noun. old-fashioned a person or organization that is slow to do something or slow to make progress.

Why is jail called the hoosegow?

The word is from Mexican Spanish juzgao, a jail, which came from juzgado for a tribunal or courtroom. … It shifted to mean a jail because the two were often in the same building (and the path from the one to the other was often swift and certain).

How do you write in slow motion?

Simply write “SLOW MOTION:” followed by whatever action you intend to be shown in slow motion. Be sure to end the sequence by writing “END SLOW MOTION.”

How do you describe a slow day?

a day in which not much happens, so it feels like it is taking very long to pass. a day in which less than expected has been done. not much business has been done.

What defines a lazy person?

Laziness (also known as indolence) is disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to act or to exert oneself. It is often used as a pejorative; terms for a person seen to be lazy include “couch potato”, “slacker”, and “bludger”.

What do you call someone that is lazy?

lazy person. loafer. ne’er-do-well. slacker. sluggard.

Why do they call it the pokey?

“Pokey” as slang for “jail” dates to early 20th century America and is actually a variant form of “pogey,” a 19th century English word for “poorhouse” or “welfare hotel.” The roots of “pogey” are largely a mystery, but the word may be related to the adjective “poky,” an interesting word in itself.