Quick Answer: Who Are The Top 10 Artists On Spotify 2020?

How do I find my #1 artist on Spotify?

To find out yours, all you have to do is visit statsforspotify.com and log in with your Spotify account.

The website gives you an option to see your Top Artists or Top Tracks.

It then unveils personal lists for your most popular artists and songs over the last four weeks, six months and of all time..

What is the most played song on Spotify 2020?

DakitiAs of the week ending November 12, 2020, ‘Dakiti’ by Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez was the most-streamed track on Spotify with 53.03 million streams worldwide, followed by ‘positions’ by Ariana Grande with 34.06 million.

What is the most listened to song ever?

Shape of You”Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran (pictured) is the most streamed song on Spotify with over 2.6 billion streams.

Can Spotify artists see who listens to them?

We can only see where are listeners are from and their age/gender demographic, as well as if they’re listening from our artists page, their playlists, or a discover weekly, but not their names or anything. They get notified that they have a follower but not who it is.

Who is the hottest artists right now?

Top 25 Pop Artists Right Nowof 25. Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber. Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images. … of 25. Adele. Adele – 25. Courtesy Columbia. … of 25. Drake. Drake. … of 25. The Weeknd. The Weeknd. … of 25. Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift. … of 25. Twenty One Pilots. Twenty One Pilots. … of 25. Selena Gomez. Selena Gomez. … of 25. One Direction. One Direction.More items…•

Does Spotify help artists?

Streaming services have become a cornerstone of the music industry. … However, streaming services such as Spotify can give people access to the music of their favorite artists any time they wish for as long as they want.

Can I see how many times I’ve played a song on Spotify?

Re: how many times have I listened to a certain song There is a way. You can create a last.fm account and activate srobble to last.fm on spotify. Last.fm will then track what song you have listened to along with other cool statistics.

Who is the #1 artist on Spotify 2020?

Most Streamed Artists Globally Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny claims the top spot with more than 8.3 billion streams this year from fans around the globe.

Who has the most Spotify 2020?

Bad Bunny is most streamed artist of 2020 on SpotifyBad Bunny is the world’s most streamed artist in 2020, with the Weeknd’s Blinding Lights the most streamed song.Spotify’s audience continues to grow, from 124m paying subscribers at the start of the year to 144m now, against a total of 320m users overall.More items…•

Who’s the biggest artist in the world 2020?

Conclusion:-ArtistsRevenue From Selling1.) Drake$7,634,0702.) BTS$ 5,377,5453.) Ed Sheeran$ 4,777,2584.) Luis Fonsi$ 4,801,5026 more rows•Oct 16, 2020

What is the #1 song in 2020?

The Official Top 40 most-streamed songs of 2020 so farTITLEARTIST1BLINDING LIGHTSWEEKND2DANCE MONKEYTONES & I3ROSESSAINT JHN4DON’T START NOWDUA LIPA36 more rows•Oct 1, 2020

Who is No 1 Spotify?

Ed SheeranMost followersRankArtistFollowers (millions)1Ed Sheeran73.302Ariana Grande54.293Drake51.354Justin Bieber40.3722 more rows

Does Spotify count streams on repeat?

Spotify counts it as a stream whether it be started manually or through the repeat feature, just as long as at least 30 seconds of the song is played.

Who is the #1 artist?

Taylor Swift ranks as the artist with the most weeks atop the chart.

Who is the #1 artist in the world?

Most followersRankArtistFollowers (millions)1Ed Sheeran73.202Ariana Grande54.143Drake51.304Justin Bieber40.2722 more rows