Quick Answer: Who Is Taehyung Best Friend?

Who is V’s crush?

Taehyung shares the crush for the same actress as Jimin, Rachel McAdams, although she is also a fan of Lily Collins, who stars in the movie “Shadowhunters” and “Love Rosie”..

Who is Jungkook wife?

In terms of actual girlfriends, Jungkook is currently single but has previously been rumoured to date K-pop stars Jeong Ye In of the group ‘Lovelyz’, Jung Chae Yeon from ‘DIA’ as well as a 2015 rumour that he dated CUBE trainee Ko So-hyun.

Why is tae called V?

V shared what his stage name stands for According to Stylecaster, “he once said in an interview that Big Hit Entertainment recommended three [different] stage names for him: Six, Lex and V. In the end, though, the singer chose V because of how it represents ‘victory. ‘” “My stage name was chosen last.

Who cries most in BTS?

I would say that the two most emotional members would be Jimin and Taehyung, followed by Jungkook.Jimin cries quite easily, and even though he sometimes tries to hide it, you can see the emotion on his face. … For Taehyung, he is also the kind of person that’s quite easy to read.

Who is Jimin’s best friend?

TaehyungBTS’ Taehyung and Jimin are considered two of the closest friend in the BTS band.

Are Jimin and Taehyung best friends?

The BTS members are like real brothers but members Jimin and V have a special bond even their bandmates are fascinated about. The two have recently proven their devotion to each other and someone also attested that the duo is real BFFs.

Is Taekook real?

One of the most popular would be the Taekook (V/Taehyung and Jungkook) ship. So, what does V (뷔) has to say about that? … Not only that, some ARMYs have made use of the hashtag #taekookisoverparty (Taekook is over party) as a sign of clapping back at those delusional shippers.

Why is V so quiet?

1)Yes, Taehyung has lost a few people who were really close in his life and that’s probably why he’s ‘quiet’. Being an idol doesn’t necessarily give you the time to grieve, so when he’s feeling sad he can’t just get up from an interview and leave.

Why did BTS v cry?

V of BTS showed tears in front of the fans! … The tears came from a place of frustration because he felt as if he wasn’t showing his best performance to the ARMYs who had come to support him. Look how he looked at his fans one by one, before filling up tears. He couldn’t help but feel that he had let down his fans.

Who is closest to Taehyung?

JungkookTaehyung chose Jungkook as the closest member to him. Jin pouted and he immediately changed his answer to all the members. 6.

Does IU like Jungkook?

IU has shown no love for Jungkook. Jungkook once said that he also wants IU to be friends with him. IU still hasn’t replied to that wich just shows that IU doesn’t care about Jungkook or has someone else in mind.

Who is the best friend of Jungkook?

YugyeomGOT7’S Yugyeom There’s more than one friendship between BTS and GOT7 because Jungkook is also close with Yugyeom.

Are Jimin and Taehyung still friends?

Kim Tae-hyung and Park Ji-min have known each other for a long time. They used to be friends during high school when both of them were moved to Seoul, South Korea. And since then, Taehyung and Jimin have become really close and always keeping up with each other.

Who is Jimin’s crush?

Rachel McAdamsThis sounds obvious, but with how much of a sweetheart Jimin is, it makes perfect sense he needs a partner as sweet as him. Jimin wants a person with a nice personality & a tender heart. If you need an example, Jimin’s celebrity crush is Rachel McAdams, so think every rom-com character she’s ever played.

Is V and Jimin classmates?

Allegedly, many of Jimin’s classmates in Seoul made fun of him for his Busan accent. Luckily for Jimin, V was there. It seems V comforted and defended Jimin during this time, and the two become very close friends. In fact, the two are so close that V wrote Jimin a heartfelt letter about their friendship.