Quick Answer: Why Did Matt Damon Not Play In The Bourne Legacy?

What is Matt Damon’s net worth?

Matt Damon is a famous American actor, producer, writer, and philanthropist as well.

He has been working in Hollywood since the mid-1990s and has been rewarded with some great box-office results.

As a result of all such hits, Matt Damon Net Worth is $170 million..

Did Jason Bourne and Nicky have a relationship?

Given the risks she takes to help Bourne it seems likely they did have a relationship before the events of The Bourne Identity, but while Nicky may still have lingering romantic feelings for Bourne, he doesn’t appear to return them.

Are there going to be more Jason Bourne movies?

Three years after Jason Bourne, the Bourne franchise is coming back very soon to USA with a spinoff series called Treadstone. … Ben Smith, who is a producer of the films and Treadstone, confirmed the news while speaking to CinemaBlend about the upcoming spy and sleeper agent series.

Will Matt Damon do another Bourne?

In the aftermath of Jason Bourne, word about the sixth movie went quiet until the recent confirmation by Smith. Since it’s not even confirmed that Damon will return to the movie, it’s highly unlikely there will be a direct crossover between the show and film, but who knows?

How much money did Matt Damon make on the Bourne movies?

He Pocketed $25 Million For Jason Bourne Having pocketed consecutive $26 million checks from the studio to play Jason Bourne, Matt Damon was ready to come back as the character. Eventually, he would star in the film Jason Bourne, bringing the character to the big screen once again for fans to enjoy.

Is treadstone Cancelled?

The two shows, both from Universal Content Productions, are out as part of a shift in strategy at the cable network. USA has canceled the scripted series The Purge and Treadstone amid a larger shift in strategy at the NBCUniversal-owned cable network.

Why do they want to kill Jason Bourne?

As far as Treadstone were concerned he was now a rogue agent with too much knowledge to be allowed to live. They made a judgement call, and decided that they simply couldn’t take any chances, because they had too much to lose. To kill bourne. To prevent The Bourne Legacy from happening.

Does Bourne die?

Fans of Damon’s forgetful spy needn’t panic — Jason Bourne does not die in Jason Bourne. … Bourne kills the asset but spares Dewey, only to see him try to kill him and end up getting killed himself by ambitious CIA newbie Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander).

Why did Matt Damon refuse Bourne Legacy?

The star has reportedly refused to play secret agent Jason Bourne because… … Damon has played secret agent Jason Bourne in three films, but sparked rumours that he will also quit the franchise if director Paul Greengrass quits. The actor insisted he would not return to the role unless his friend was in charge.

Is Matt Damon doing another Bourne film?

Actor Matt Damon talks about the latest Bourne film in the franchise. Jason Bourne is the fifth film, 14 years after the first one was made. Matt Damon told BBC News this is not his last film, even though the stunts are getting harder to do at the age of 45.

How is Bourne Legacy connected?

The fourth film, The Bourne Legacy, follows a different starring character, Aaron Cross. Like The Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum, the film is connected to the novel in name only. The fifth and most recent film, Jason Bourne, again stars Matt Damon, and is the only film without a title shared with a novel.

Why did Matt Damon come back for Jason Bourne?

He hopes that the series, which has shown Bourne atoning for his actions, has a mindfulness that distinguishes it from others. Damon may be one of the most bankable movie stars in the business, but he still feels the pressure of a big opening – especially from a franchise like Bourne. “A lot is at stake,” Damon said.

Can I skip Bourne Legacy?

The Bourne Legacy is like a filler, you can skip it.

Will Jeremy Renner return to Bourne?

Bourne 6 Planned, Jeremy Renner Probably Won’t Return Critically speaking, Jason Bourne, the latest in the Bourne series from director Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon, wasn’t a big success. But in Hollywood, money talks and the movie definitely made money, so there is absolutely potential for a sequel.

How does the Bourne Ultimatum end?

The ending of The Bourne Ultimatum, with Bourne floating motionless in the East River, links the opening scene of The Bourne Identity, which features a similar image.