What Happened To Ethan’S Wife In Heavy Rain?

Does Ethan always die in heavy rain?

If Shaun dies and Ethan lives, Ethan will always commit suicide.

While it is possible for all four playable characters to die at the end of the game, it is impossible for all of them to survive – even if they have survived their in-game chapters, all of the characters except Madison can still die in their epilogues..

Is Ethan Mars the Origami Killer?

The Origami Killer is the main antagonist and perpetrator of several kidnappings and murders in the Heavy Rain world. The most recent case the killer is suspected to be involved in is the kidnapping of Shaun Mars, the son of Ethan and Grace Mars.

Will Ethan die if he drinks the poison?

If Ethan chooses to drink the poison, he will be given the last letters of Shaun’s address, as well as a watch, counting down the time until his demise. It is later revealed that the poison will not actually kill Ethan though it appears to taste or feel unpleasant when ingested.

What happens if you kill Nathaniel heavy rain?

Choosing to shoot or not shoot Nathaniel has no effect on the outcome of the game. However, Blake and Norman’s dialogue in the opening to “Covered Market” will change depending on whether Nathaniel was shot or not. A glitch can occur at the beginning of this chapter.

Why did Scott Shelby investigate?

He was only investigating the parents to cover up the evidence he left behind in those cases, but AFAIK the rich guy had no evidence on him so it didn’t make much sense to investigate him in the first place, then insist on continuing while at the golf range with his dad.

What happens if you save Scott Shelby?

Scott. If Scott dies, he will receive the “Origami’s Grave” ending. If Scott survives with Lauren saved in “Trapped,” he will receive the “A Mother’s Revenge” ending.

How do you keep Ethan alive in heavy rain?

It depends on who was alive and came to the warehouse to help. Madison can get inside and warn Ethan of the police and that’s one way to keep him alive.

Does Ethan Mars die?

Out of the four main characters, Ethan has the lowest number of deaths in the game, although he has the highest number of epilogues (“Helpless,” “Origami Blues,” and “Tears in the Rain”) in which he dies. The only chapter in which Ethan can die is “The Old Warehouse.”

Who can die in heavy rain?

There are four playable cast members in Heavy Rain, of which two can die as a direct result of player failure. Ethan and Shelby can only die at the end of the game, and Ethan’s deaths are only indirectly the result of player mistakes.

What happened to Jason in heavy rain?

Jason wandered away from Ethan, who soon found him and warned him not to go wandering in a crowded place. … It appears that Ethan took most of the damage, though it is later revealed that Jason died and Ethan was left in a coma. In the version of Heavy Rain before the final cut, the car accident was much more graphic.

Is Scott Shelby always the killer?

Scott Shelby is the oldest and tallest playable character. … Scott is the only playable character who kills regardless of player decisions. He will always kill at least 15 people throughout the story. He can kill up to 32 people, including the two main characters (except Ethan) and his victims as the Origami Killer.

How many heavy rain endings are there?

17 different endingsThere are 17 different endings available. Watching them requires making different decisions in specific scenes.

Why did Ethan have blackouts in heavy rain?

Scott explains that he saw Ethan and was inspired, so this is where the story really starts. The accident is what caused Ethans mental issues and blackouts; It was explained that the trauma from the accident could cause many unexplained phenomona within the body, and his blackouts started back then.

Why did Ethan wake up with Origami?

It turns out that originally Ethan’s blackouts were playable sections of the game, where he hallucinated that his house was filled with drowning children. … So, Ethan sees dead kids everywhere and turns up with some origami because him and Scott are PSYCHICALLY LINKED. Luckily this supernatural conceit was taken out.

How do you get the best ending in heavy rain?

It’s basically the best ending!Ethan must survive and not get caught by the police.Ethan must solve the puzzle and reach the final warehouse.Madison must survive and you’ll need to kiss her in the “On The Loose” chapter. Ethan needs to be forgiven by Madison or they will not kiss.Shaun must survive.

Why did the Origami Killer Kill?

The Origami Killer revealed The reason he became the killer is because he has a bad childhood with an abusive father. One rainy night, while playing with his brother John in a construction site, he is trapped in a well, and Scott tries to get help from their father, but he had no desire to do so.

Is Kramer The Origami Killer?

In Game. Gordi can be considered the tertiary antagonist of the game. He comes under investigation by Scott Shelby as the possible true identity of the Origami Killer. … of the serial killer, was last seen alive getting into Gordi’s limo.

Can Madison die heavy rain?

She can die in “Sleepless Night” (which is not real and occurs no matter what), “The Doc,” “Killer’s Place,” “The Old Warehouse,” and The Taxidermist. Also, Madison is the first main character who can be killed. Madison is the only main character not to die in any epilogue she appears in.