What Is Opposite Of Blood?

What means distinct?

distinct, separate, discrete mean not being each and every one the same.

distinct indicates that something is distinguished by the mind or eye as being apart or different from others.

two distinct versions separate often stresses lack of connection or a difference in identity between two things..

What makes something distinct?

Distinctive usually means “having a quality or characteristic that makes a person or thing different from others.” Distinctive is used when you want to say that something is appealing or interesting because of its special or unique qualities. It is often used when you are only talking about one thing.

What is the difference between distinct and different?

The difference between Different and Distinct. When used as adjectives, different means not the same, whereas distinct means capable of being perceived very clearly. … Different as an adjective: Distinct, separate; .

What is opposite active?

active(noun) Antonyms: dormant, lethargic, slow, passive, inert, tranquil, theoretical, dull, speculative, indolent, sedentary, extinct, sluggish, bottom, quiescent.

What’s the opposite of laughing?

What is the opposite of laughing?gloomymiserableplaintivepaineddiscontentdolorousabjectdistraughtdiscontentedblack116 more rows

What does elated mean?

very happy or proud; jubilant; in high spirits: an elated winner of a contest.

What is the opposite of Blur?

What is the opposite of blur?brightenclarifysharpenbeautifycleancleanseclearclear uplight uppurify9 more rows

What is the opposite of Raw?

not cooked, prepared: done, unnatural, clean, nice, pleasant, clement, healed, cooked, moral, refined, experienced, polished, polite, good, smooth, warm, healthy, well-done, sophisticated, gentle.

Is glad a formal word?

Thanks for your help! To be glad is more informal. To be pleased is more formal. It is used both formally and informally.

What is apparently mean?

Apparently means seemingly so based on the appearance of things. It’s a way of saying “it seems that” something is the case or is true. Apparently is the adverb form of the adjective apparent, which can mean readily seen, clear, obvious, or according to appearances.

Is distinct from meaning?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishas distinct from somethingas distinct from somethingused to make it clear that you are not referring to a particular kind of thing, but to something else a movie star, as distinct from an actor → distinctExamples from the Corpusas distinct from something• There were …

What’s another word for accidentally?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for accidentally, like: unintentionally, randomly, intentionally, inadvertently, incidentally, unexpectedly, by-chance, haphazardly, undesignedly, adventitiously and casually.

What is the opposite of glad?

Antonym of Glad Word. Antonym. Glad. Sad, Sorry. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What’s the meaning of Blur?

verb (used with object), blurred, blur·ring. to obscure or sully (something) by smearing or with a smeary substance: The windows were blurred with soot. to obscure by making confused in form or outline; make indistinct: The fog blurred the outline of the car.

How do you use blur in a sentence?

Blur sentence examplesTears made her vision blur again. … She couldn’t make out what was in the garden, but she heard the sounds of fountains and saw the dark green blur of a forest in the distance. … She looked away, outside, at the blur of snow as he continued. … Reaching her car, she drove home in a blur of tears.More items…

Has been a blur meaning?

Blur means like unclear or so fast they can barely remember it.

Which is the opposite of accidentally?

What is the opposite of accidentally?deliberatelyconsciouslydesignedlywilfullyadvisedlyby designintentionallyon purposepurposelyby choice13 more rows